Research Reports

Our Research Reports on Oral Health

We conduct research and release reports documenting oral health care needs of vulnerable populations, including older adults and children. Browse these detailed insights here.

A Healthy Smile Never Gets Old

A California Report on the Oral Health of Older Adults

This report highlights the oral health status and key issues amongst older adults in California. This is the first report to document oral health needs of this population in the state. We hope this report is used to influence and shape policies to improve the oral health of older adults.


Sacramento Smiles

Evaluation of the Early Smiles Sacramento Program

Early Smiles Sacramento is a school-based oral health program funded by the Center for Oral Health. This report explains what the program is about and the issues it seeks to address. Beyond that, this report also presents findings of a one-year evaluation of the program.


“Mommy, It Hurts to Chew”

An Oral Health Assessment of California’s Kindergarten and 3rd Grade Children

Children are victims of the single most widespread disease among children in California: tooth decay. This report sheds light on this epidemic through careful research and also offers simple recommendations on what can be done to prevent this issue from spreading further.


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