Oral Health Education

Oral Health Education Programs & Resources

At COH, we offer educational programs and resources to instruct others concerning oral health topics. We teach children the importance of oral health and train dental and non-dental providers on preventive oral health services. Plus, we offer helpful resources to champion the cause of dental health for all.

Oral Health Programs

We start underserved children on the path to oral health young. That’s the premise behind the Early Smiles program in Sacramento. With the Oral Health Action Coalition, we have joined forces with other organizations to tackle oral health concerns throughout the Inland Empire.


Early Smiles Sacramento was established in 2016 to help underserved children in Sacramento County with their dental care needs. Services include an oral health examination, oral hygiene instruction, topical application of fluoride, and more. We also help find dental services for the uninsured.

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Oral Health Action Coalition - Inland Empire

The Oral Health Action Coalition - Inland Empire (OHAC-IE) started as a grassroots joint effort of Kaiser Permanente and the Center for Oral Health. We mobilize and organize local resources to increase access to oral health care and improve health outcomes throughout the Inland Empire region.

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Oral Health Resources

Feel free to access our oral health resources anytime, anywhere. We offer both shorter fact sheets and longer research reports that cover a variety of important topics. These are geared towards anyone looking to grow in their understanding of oral health concerns and solutions today.

Fact Sheets

Our fact sheets are engaging and enlightening. These 2-4 page sheets offer insights into the oral health of older adults, including well-researched statistics and policy recommendations. We also offer a look into our Early Smiles Sacramento program to show you how we’re championing the cause of oral health among children.

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Research is one of the pillars of our work at COH. We conduct research and release reports documenting oral health care needs of vulnerable populations, including older adults and children. These include more detailed insights into people groups we seek to help and programs that seek to help them.

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Browse Our Research

Get a broader view of our various research efforts and reports on our Research page. You’ll find brief summaries of each of our fact sheets and reports. You will also be able to download them so you can read, print, or share them as you wish.

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Our Dental Clinics & Programs

COH is one of the oldest organizations dedicated to oral health in the U.S. Learn more about our mission, vision, and history here.


Be a Champion of Oral Health

We can’t win the fight for oral health alone. If you want to partner with us in our vision, consider offering your time and resources to help those in need.


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