Mission & Vision

The Center for Oral Health (COH), founded in 1985, is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting public oral health, with a focus on children and vulnerable populations. COH collaborates with national, state, and local partners to develop innovative community-based strategies for improving oral health outcomes. COH has offices in Northern and Southern California.

Our Vision:

Since 1985 the Center for Oral Health has been dedicated to its vision of Oral Health for All

Our Mission:

To improve oral health, especially of vulnerable populations, through innovation, research, education and advocacy

Our Goals:

COH's work will focus on three goals to achieve our vision and execute our mission:

  1. Create Innovative, Cost-effective, People-centered Solutions to address dysfunctions in the oral health system
  2. Engage the wider healthcare community to increase their oral health knowledge to achieve optimum health outcomes
  3. Collaborate with Major Stakeholders as their Trusted Source of Oral Health Expertise

Overarching Principles:

In pursuit of our mission, the core principles that consistently shape our thinking, our actions, and our approach to everything we do are:

  • Commitment to a culture of excellence
  • Providing leadership and oral health expertise through partnership and collaboration
  • Determination to translate knowledge and apply it into real benefits for people
  • Good governance, high performance and fiscal prudence


Center for Oral Health