Oral Health Surveillance & Workforce Analysis

On February 26, 2015, Jennifer Pilapil from the Center for Oral Health and Dr. Elizabeth Mertz gave a presentation to the Dental Board of California: Access to Care Committee

The presentation covered the context for workforce data and policy making, five case examples of ways the data can serve different policy and constituency needs, examples of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data analytics and recommendations on next steps for the DBC Access Committee. 

During this presentation a picture of the current state of affairs was given, discussing the number of dentists who currently provide services in the State of California.  A spatial and statistical analysis was presented, explaining the uneven distribution of dentists and access to Medi-Cal providers. The State of California's database from the Department of Consumer Affairs and Dental Board of California were compared via geographic information system (GIS) data analytics to show the usefulness of high quality data. The presentation was well received by the Access to Care committee. 

COH is continuing to work with the Dental Board of California to conduct a state-wide research project to strategically improve access to care in California.

Click here to download: Dental Workforce Data: Opportunities and Challenges Presentation