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The Center for Oral Health is pleased to announce the release of a new guidebook: Guidelines for Providing Dental Services in Skilled Nursing Facilities.

This guide, adapted by Susan McLearan, RDHAP from an existing COH publication1, was compiled to assist skilled nursing facilities contemplating the use of a dental provider with mobile/portable dental care equipment. It includes information and guidance on the procedures that should be considered before entering into a contract and/or memorandum of understanding with a provider, as well as in the continuous evaluation of providers.

Addressing the oral health of this needy population will help prevent systemic disease, reduce health care costs, and improve the quality of life by addressing the oral hygiene of long‐term care facility residents.

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WIC: Early Entry into Dental Care provides a simple yet powerful solution to the problem of preventing dental disease in low income children. It brings comprehensive preventive dental services directly to vulnerable children. It uses WIC (the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children), a place where very young children and their parents are eminently accessible, as the delivery point for the services. By providing dental care on site at WIC, the program is able to intervene at an age when dental disease can be effectively prevented. 

With the collective experience of our staff and program partners, COH has written the WIC: Early Entry into Dental Care Guidebook as a manual for those interested in establishing their own WIC dental programs.

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